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IBART one by Aiko--LittleLovedOne IBART one :iconaiko--littlelovedone:Aiko--LittleLovedOne 1 0 Chamae by Aiko--LittleLovedOne
Mature content
Chamae :iconaiko--littlelovedone:Aiko--LittleLovedOne 0 0
Dear Tori,
Dear Tori,
Don’t do it. I know, I know you want to. But don’t. I’m going to want to go up to that boy, (you know the one we really, really, like) and tell him, sometime in the future when I’m you. Don’t. If he likes us too, we won’t know what to do. If he doesn’t reciprocate, we’ll be heartbroken and depressed. It’s not worth the damage to that wonderful friendship that will result from those actions.
Or I’ve jumped the gun (how does one jump a gun anyways?) and we’ve already graduated and everything is good. I hope we’ve graduated with great marks and the IB diploma we wanted.
We’re writing this to “The Tenth Kingdom” and giggling at it, wearing our horrible green sweater. Because even if you’re thirty now and reading this, absolutely everyone deserves to have at least one horrible sweater that is worn, threadbare, or just plain ugly. Mom threw out our last one, even if she denies doing it.
:iconaiko--littlelovedone:Aiko--LittleLovedOne 0 0
Angel by Aiko--LittleLovedOne Angel :iconaiko--littlelovedone:Aiko--LittleLovedOne 1 10 Hallucination by Aiko--LittleLovedOne Hallucination :iconaiko--littlelovedone:Aiko--LittleLovedOne 11 12 Reality by Aiko--LittleLovedOne Reality :iconaiko--littlelovedone:Aiko--LittleLovedOne 4 8 False by Aiko--LittleLovedOne False :iconaiko--littlelovedone:Aiko--LittleLovedOne 6 0 Math Notes by Aiko--LittleLovedOne Math Notes :iconaiko--littlelovedone:Aiko--LittleLovedOne 4 8 Nny by Aiko--LittleLovedOne Nny :iconaiko--littlelovedone:Aiko--LittleLovedOne 21 18
Orange and white
Silent hunter
He stalks his prey
Waiting for the right moment to attack
He pounces
Fur and feathers fly
It is caught
The job is done
And the toy is still there
To play another day
:iconaiko--littlelovedone:Aiko--LittleLovedOne 1 0
Carnival by Aiko--LittleLovedOne
Mature content
Carnival :iconaiko--littlelovedone:Aiko--LittleLovedOne 3 0
Looking out at the sky
Tinted pink with evening clouds
Dusk falls and I wait
For you to come
And you to say
'My darling, it's time to go'
But you don't come
And it starts to rain
So I wait
And wait
And wait
For the day to come
That you are there
Asking me to come
With you
To hell
:iconaiko--littlelovedone:Aiko--LittleLovedOne 0 0
I wish
Every day
Every night
That everyone
Could feel
The way I do
About you.
I wish
Every night
Every day
That every single person
Was as perfect
As you
Are in my eyes.
:iconaiko--littlelovedone:Aiko--LittleLovedOne 1 0
Roses are red
They smell so sweet
Violets are blue
A nice looking treat
But there is no way to compare
The feelings that I get
When I look at you
From my head to my feet
:iconaiko--littlelovedone:Aiko--LittleLovedOne 0 0
Johnny and Love
Nothing quite brings out the zest for life in a person like the thought of their impending death. I see by the looks of you that you understand.
What is love Devi
Tell me do you know
To me its pain and blood and bones
That's how the wall stays wet
What is this pain I feel
My veins they start to burn
Is there an operation, tell me
How do I fix this
This love is a scary thing
If I only had one day left to live
I'd lock the doors
And bolt windows
To keep you in with me
If I had one day left
I'd stuff you into my mouth
Hold you down and tear you open
Live inside my love
Oh, Devi I'd never hurt you
Scary love
It's a terrifying obsession
What is love my Devi
Please tell me why it burns
Like rage and fire inside of me
Yet causes me no concern
I've murdered half the town for you
Left you love notes on all their headstones
I'll fill up every graveyard
Until I have you
Devi, my love
I'm quite used to it
The blood stains on my hands
At least I've felt the pain of love
Why don't you understand
:iconaiko--littlelovedone:Aiko--LittleLovedOne 9 37
Mood Ring by Aiko--LittleLovedOne Mood Ring :iconaiko--littlelovedone:Aiko--LittleLovedOne 1 0




I like to write and draw. That is all.
Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.
:iconsilverinslette: Bromantic Twin.
:iconborrowedchange: Elder Brother

I dare you to put this… or this… on your webcam.

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Uh um... Can I request a violent happy-ending 2p!allies x reader story? I really like your stories, every single one I've read has been amazing. Thank you!!! :iconilikeitplz:
You're awesome and I'm just happy reading what you write.
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